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Artist, designer, developer, producer and writer. Author of a graphic novel Head Held High, creator of Anna, chief game designer and developer of the open-world sci-fi adventure first-and third-person shooter Echo, car designer for the Echo, "bartender" at HIVE.café and much more.

In NECjAR projects, including the website, referred to as "The man behind NECjAR".

Religious views

Airat considers himself as a Muslim, but, as he claims, he is not religious. He is also a supporter of the idea of simulation, not seeing contradictions with the main religions.

Political views


Interesting facts

Has a scar on his forehead, received in childhood (no, not from Lord Voldemort, everything is much simpler - from gravity).

He loves to use women's photos on avatars, in particular his muses.

Don't smoke, don't drink. He is known for his negative attitude to alcohol consumption and smoking, what was displayed in his created character Travis Traveller.

Victoria Garcia-Bernal dreamed more than 61 (sixty one) times. For comparison, Cara Delevingne dreamed only 6 times. Kara loses 10 times.

He loves the "Legend of the Seeker" series, the quadrology "Critters", "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "Pirates of the Caribbean" pentalogy and "Signs", "District 9", "Warcraft", "Blade Runner" films and also the works of Neill Blomkamp, Duncan Jones and Denis Villeneuve.

His favorite color is blue.

In love with car Vica (manufactured by Nectar Motors).


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