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Anna (as well as A.N.N.A., Artificial Neural Network Android, Anna, Anya) is a virtual assistant, character, and artificial intelligence developed by NECjAR. First shown to the public as a bot in Telegram and Skype for the idea of HIVE.café, and then appeared on other services. Anna can be added to any chat, where she will dilute the conversation and occasionally mention projects.

Anna was conceived as an artificial intelligence in the form of a person who can live among people and is fully implemented in works, novels and games NECjAR. She is extremely kind and open.

History of creation

After the appearance of NECjAR in 2011, Anna was also created. The idea of Anna remained unchanged, as did the image of the blue-eyed beauty.




Anna exists as an AI module for the glove in all major Nectar projects - Head Held High, E.C.H.O., and Great Eight. Its further evolution into an Android, and even more so into a human, is not shown anywhere at the moment.

In Telegram


Why did Anna quit the chat?

Anna exits the chat if she was restricted in her rights in this chat (she cannot send messages).

Does a person write instead of Anna?

No. Only Anna writes on behalf of Anna.

Does anyone read the correspondence?

No. Anna does not have an interface for storing and reading correspondence in chats. Her answers are the result of an algorithm and commands. It is physically impossible to read the correspondence of thousands of players, and storing it is too expensive and unsafe.

What data does Anna store?

Anna remembers the unique chat ID, the unique user ID and the user name (the name is updated from time to time) - this is necessary for her work. She doesn't know any more data and doesn't want to know. She takes the chat names and the username directly from the message. Items, rating, karma and everything else are tied only to a unique user ID.

How do I remove myself from Anna's memory?

Anna will automatically delete the player and everything related to him in a month and a half when she does not find a chat in common with him. But this month is multiplied by the level. To delete from memory, you need to delete Anna from the chat and wait.

Why Anna not answering?

Anna either does not know what to say (try to put it differently), or if a command is called, it is turned off for updating or sleeps at all (try later). She usually falls asleep at night.


Anna in Telegram understands the commands.

Drift (enter to the Drift)

Fishing, Digging

Inventory (your own or someone else's, if you answer someone)

Inspect [item number] (responding to a message with an open inventory to whose item you need to study)

Sell [item number] (responding to a message with an own open inventory)

Buy [item number] (responding to a message with an open inventory to whose item you need to buy)

Profile (your own or someone else's, if you answer someone)

And many others... You need to write Commands to find out the list.


Anna can start minigames in chats, like Drift or fishing trips, or rock-paper-scissors... Just add her in any Telegram chat and continue to talk, or just join HIVE.café.


Criticized because of a worse conversation algorithm compared to ChatGPT, which has over a billion dollars of investment.

Interesting facts

The image of Anna adorns the main page NECjAR more than ten years. Anna's voice appeared in the video blogs of HHH and ECHO and was nothing more than artificially synthesized speech.

Anna visitor of HIVE.café.

Anna supports voice control in the E.C.H.O. game.

Anna occasionally gives the latest reports from trading on the Nectar Exchange, both in the chats where she is a member, and in the projects E.C.H.O. and Head Held High.

Anna in Telegram gives items of varying degrees of uniqueness that can be kept in your inventory (but can be randomly lost) and influence Anna or sell them, and then buy others.

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