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E.C.H.O. (also Echo) is an upcoming action-adventure and open-world Sci-Fi First-and-third-person shooter game being developed by NECjAR as a pilot project. The project name can probably be supplemented with an additional ending or prefix, for example, "NECjAR's Echo". No release date has been announced.

Development History

The development of the project is extremely complex and does not move constantly, as it is created by one person. The idea of the project began as a "first-person shooter" and gradually began to expand to include third-person, open world, transport, and then multiplayer.


January, the announcement of the game

The project started with the announcement and creation of the game logo in early 2019 and a week later already had the basic functionality for the shooter. During the first period of development were created weapons ("plasma gun" and "portal gun" the concepts of the grenades), "rewind time" and "control". The first level included just a closed room with boxes on which the hero could jump and shoot.


Just a month later, Project Echo already had stable use and weapon switching, decent controls, but still looked rough. By the spring of the same year, the project was temporarily abandoned and work on it continued only in June.

hole.jpg papa.jpg


Various experiments were started. Added temporary textures, started polishing the visual part, but the game code began to require refactoring. The project stopped again and development did not move until December 2019.

echo-1.jpg echo-2.jpg

December, The main character of the game

In December 2020, Victoria Shulzhenok (Victoria Garcia-Bernal) joined the project as the main character, volunteering for the published news in the NECjAR chat, on enthusiasm, and easily becoming the main face of the project.



After the creation of the Victoria model, despite the acute shortage of references, Victoria Garcia-Bernal began to completely ignore the project. Due to the lack of references and the loss of the main character, the development was left until "better times" - November 2020.

slide-victoria-1.jpg slide-victoria-2.jpg

Character quality as of February 2020-ready for animation, textures, and detail.

"It's okay, because to remake the main character is not to create it from scratch - I only need a few hours. However, the project still needs a muse and I think the face of the game will be some favorite reliable model, with whom you can work and whom I like." - Airat Asadullin

In honor of the lost character, named the model range of cars - Vica.

If you want to join as a playable character, contact NECjAR.

November, Open World

Development continued with a complete change and optimization of the code. In just a month, the concept also changed from a corridor shooter to an open world. Transport has been added, and work has begun on autodrome, metro, and apartments. Most of the changes, despite the strong change in the visual part, were internal.

screenshot--1.1.26-06.jpg screenshot--1.1.26-12.jpg

"I specifically allocated the whole of November for one project and was only engaged in it. It was just a huge job, but very productive. I love November!" - Airat Asadullin


Made a radio for transport. Official radio stations with music began to appear in the project.

If you want your own radio or add music, contact NECjAR.

The changes in the project were mostly internal, but this greatly affected the appearance and feel of the game. Also created a change of day and night, basic weather effects, working with cameras, started working on grass, fog and much more.

screenshot--1.1.26-02.jpg screenshot--1.1.26-11.jpg


January, "Fade Away, My Love"

Published a video blog with the current quality of the game after three months of continuous development.


Added the ability to talk to Anna inside the game. This will be part of the gameplay. Need to press the "V" (Voice) button and speak so that she starts listening.

April, "Recollection"

The quality of the game at the time of April 2021.

Thank you for being with us!



Alpha version. The development continues unhurriedly.

Interesting facts

E.C.H.O. is an abbreviation.