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The Remington 870 is an American rifle first introduced in 1950 by Remington Arms. The Remington 870, thanks to its characteristic reload, is one of the most famous pump-action shotguns in the world. The Remington 870 has been produced in various versions, suitable for both time travelers and black diggers, as well as for hunters, retroflectors and Vikings, as well as for self-defense. It goes very well against reptiloids.


The man behind the NECjAR's, Travis Travelers's and Muse's favorite shotgun. First appeared in Head Held High: Traveler on page 290 - the main character constantly carries this gun with him and hides it in his bulletproof coat.

en-0290.jpg en-0291.jpg

Weapon in Travis Traveler's Bulletproof Coat.

First used

Travis used it on page 331 against reptiloids.


Interesting facts

The unique "Travis's Remington 870" can be given by Anna in one of the mini-games to get different items. To do this, just add Anna in any chat or go to Hive.café chat and hope for rare luck.

Weapon in other projects

Remington 870 appears in the Sci-Fi Action-advenure game - E.C.H.O..