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XLABS is an experimental laboratories and secret Nectar Labs division of NECjAR corporation. Mostly with monkeys.


Some incidents with monkeys.

Frank Incident

I50 or "Frank Incident": Frank the Macaque opened crates of bananas that came from Samoa but didn't pass the standard R19 registration procedure, and sixteen XLABS lab macaques, including Frank, gorged themselves on these bananas and then didn't work for two days.

Tony Incident

I41 or "Tony Incident": Tony the Macaque tried to warm up a sandwich in the microwave, but accidentally pinched his tail. Right now, Tony has no tail and works slower than the others.

Christopher Incident

I32 or "Christopher Incident": Christopher the Macaque shook the cage harder than usual and damaged the cable, pulling it out of the socket and de-energizing the entire comic book pipeline Head Held High. No one could answer why such an important workshop depends on one outlet. A special commission is working.