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NECjAR ([nekdjar], Nectar) is a media conglomerate, the debut brand of Airat Asadullin for projects that embody his vision of the world, ideas and ideas since 2011, designed to "create timeless interactive entertainment that makes positive changes in the human psyche around the world," as the description states.

Creating timeless interactive entertainment that makes positive change to the human psyche worldwide. Nectar makes everything better. Our ambition is unlimited.


NECjAR has a broad profile, its activities include the creation of games for the PC like E.C.H.O. series, games for mobile phones and graphic novels like Head Held High, novels of the Great Eight series, artificial intelligence Anna, fashion design NECjX, automotive design, arms production, catalog and rating of films, music, games and much more.


Company in projects

NECjAR appear in almost all projects as NECjAR Corporation, Nectar and is engaged in an extremely wide range of activities, from quite serious to quite comic areas. Have their own autodrome and exchange.

Nectar Divisions

At the moment, NECjAR Corporation has the following divisions: Nectar Motors, Nectar Industries, Nectar Robotics, Nectar Labs (and their additional secret department XLABS).

Interesting facts

NECjAR implies Nectar and is read as "Nekdjar", being the word NECTAR capitalized, in which the lowercase letter "j" is inserted. The letter "j" also appears as an independent short logo, implying the "Nekdjar" itself.

The idea of "NECjAR", the name and the logo were created in a dream back in 2011. Airat describes this dream as the most inspiring and most beautiful in his life.

NECjAR is often written as "j" and "", including even the slogan "Our ambitions are limitless" right in the logo.

There is no clear rule in choosing NECjAR colors. On the contrary, the logo is often depicted in different colors.

NECjAR.COM is a website that has won more than 13 awards in the field of design and web technologies, recognized by various agencies, studios and galleries around the world.

NECjAR have a Muse.


Winner, Site of the Month

Popular Website Awards, December 2020

Winner, Booster of the Day

Boostlizer, February 2018

Winner, Esteemed Award

Popular Website Awards, December 2017

Winner, Site of the Day

Design Nominee, June 2017

Winner, Site of the Day

Best CSS Award‏, May 2017

Winner, Site of the Day

CSS Nectar, June 2015

Winner, Special Recognition Award

HTML Awards/CSS Awards, June 2015

Winner, Guru of the Day

Web Guru Awards, April 2015

Winner, Site of The Day

CSS Don, May 2014

Winner, Featured of the Day

CSS Light, April 2014

Winner, Site of The Day

Best CSS, April 2014

Winner, Featured

CSS Hunt, 2012

Winner, People's Champ / Student - Bronze

Pixel Awards, 2011

Nominee, Top Website Design

10 Best Design Award, May 2018


CSS Fox, March 2018

Nominee, Showcased

PageCrush, February 2018

Nominee, Best Website Nominee

HTML Awards/CSS Awards, June 2015


CSS Winner, April 2014


CSS Reel, April 2014

Nominee, Design Nominee

Shorty Awards, 2012


CSS Design Awards, 2012

Nominee, Design Nominee

Shorty Awards, 2011